About us 

Quartz Group provides for their clients through engineering office with a detailed study that translates their dreams, takes into account their potential and gives them the opportunity to enjoy a decent practical decor that satisfies their different tastes.

Quartz Group carries out all swimming pool works completely through specialists in the field of swimming pool insulation with the best materials and the most appropriate

methods for isolation and treatment of leakage problems for bathrooms

The company carries out electromechanical works (supplying and installing the swimming pool machines and the necessary filtration through a specialized engineering team)

The special cladding works for the walls and floors of the glass mosaic come with the latest unique designs to satisfy different tastes and with the finest types of adhesives needed

Perhaps one of the most distinguished projects that the company has implemented in this field is the swimming pool of the Almasa Hotel (mosaic works) - the mechanical works of the main swimming pool and the jacuzzi of the Le Meridien Dahab hotel (design of the room, pumps and implementation works) - the main fountains of Sun City

Mall at Masaken Sheraton - in addition to For various swimming pools in private villas

Quartz Group is considered one of the major companies importing glass mosaics (mosaics), and it carries out design and implementation work for various murals withglassmosaic materials in different areas and with the utmost accuracy and distinction, and one of the most important works in the field of mural murals, peace in the east of the canal in Ismailia, for the Second Field Army with an area of ​​(700 square meters) - Nile River model in the Children's Museum in Egypt The new one with an area of ​​(1400 square meters) and the various murals in the major projects that are clear through a simple presentation of them

The company designs and implements all works related to mosaic materials as a material used for different cladding of columns, facades, interior bathrooms, kitchens (walls), fountains and domes of mosques

Finally, Quartz Group undertakes all design, implementation and installation of stained and colored glass, in addition to iron and crystal works for glass domes and panoramic stairs of villas and large facades as well as stained glass for doors and windows and offers the best designs and solutions in this area